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What if we could strengthen our social infrastructure to support everyone?

We believe in the power of design to elevate the public realm.  We believe public spaces are at the center of our social infrastructure and can be designed to create and support healthy communities.

We design libraries, clinics, cultural spaces and civic buildings. As a community focused design firm we are committed to providing good design for all and believe that the public realm deserves truly innovative architecture.

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By creating beautiful, well-crafted places that are open to all, we reinforce our democracy and create a more equitable world. Our work enriches the public realm and supports our client’s missions and values.

Public Architecture Projects

RBAC Growth Center

Rainier Beach, Seattle, WA


Seattle, WA

ICHS Dental Clinic

Shoreline, WA

Central Area Design Guidelines

Central Area, Seattle


Nairobi, Kenya

Village Planning and Design

Matagalpa Department, Nicaragua

Capacity Building

Central America

"I would highly recommend Fivedot for any project that you want some creative design and thorough follow through on construction. They are a professional firm with a lot of good talent."

- Gregory smith, king county public library system - 


“Fivedot is an amazing community based firm that is highly professional in the way they deliver the community voice.”

- Afua Kouyate, Executive Director of ADEFUA



City Of Seattle

King County

City of Wenatchee

King County Public Libraries

Trust for Public Land

Seattle Parks and Recreation

Lakewood Parks and Recreation

Kent Parks and Recreation and Community Services

San Juan Island Library System

Pacific Science Center

Highline Botanical Gardens

Site Workshop




Our Values

Practical & Innovative

We are practical and Innovative. We embrace the challenge of site constraints, budgets and deadlines. We look for simple and practical solutions to problems while also exploring innovative ways to bring value to our clients projects.


Client Focused & Community Centered

We are client focused and community centered. In our work for public agencies we recognize that each agency has goals as does the public at large. We work to leverage each project to help our clients serve their clients better.


Building Spaces To Last

We strive to make building and spaces that last. Our work focuses on simple and elegant solutions to problems with the idea that tastes change but quality never does. We specialize in simple and timeless architecture.

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