Public Architecture Design

Kent Panther Lake Library

Turning a casino into a public library.

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Libraries are key parts of the social infrastructure in our society. One of the few remaining public spaces, libraries are places of sharing, learning and discovery. For this project, we were able to turn a casino, which took from the community, into a library; which gives back to the community.

As a Seattle library architect, we were able to repurpose an existing building and contribute to the revitalization of an area that had been in decline. Large skylights flood the reading area with light while the planters bring the surrounding landscape right up to the windows to shield the view of the surrounding parking. A welcoming entry and custom touches throughout the building have created a place for learning, gathering and sharing.

Landscape Architect: Site Workshop

Contractor: Oak Hills

Structural Engineer: Swenson Say Faget

Mechanical Engineer: Sider Byers

Electrical Engineer: TFWB

Photographer: Cleary O'Farrell

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