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About Fivedot

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Geoff Piper

Geoff is a licensed architect with over 15 years of professional experience as a designer and builder which has given him an understanding of how to achieve measurable goals while staying on budget. Geoff was also a founding partner of The Global Studio, which has now merged into Fivedot,  providing design and consulting services to the non-profit sector throughout the world.  He has worked with disadvantaged communities in over 10 countries on a variety of scales.  Geoff  is also continually working to break down the perception of architecture as a luxury and he works to make good design accessible to all. Geoff is a licensed architect in the state of Washington.

Education: Masters of Architecture: University of Washington, Bachelor of Arts in Architecture & Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering: Lehigh University

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Sharon Khosla

Sharon joined Fivedot as a partner after working for 12 years on Public, Civic/Institutional and Non-Profit Healthcare projects in and around Seattle. She is a dedicated community advocate and is  currently a member of the Southeast Design Review Board  and a memeber of the Central Area Land Use Review Committee.  Sharon has a strong belief that architecture can solve problems and help create a more equitable and inclusive built environment.

Education: Masters of Architecture: University of Washington , Bachelor of Arts in Architecture: Lehigh University


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Alice Maureen Or is an interior designer in Seattle, Washington with a bachelor of science in interior design. She has 2 years of experience in residential, commercial and luxury brand shows and events in and around Seattle and Beijing. She has won a design awards in furniture design in Italy. Her work has been recognized and exhibited in Italy.



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Stephanie Ingram

Stephanie has worked on projects of many types and scale, including museum design, public facilities, residential design/build and community based village planning with rural communities in Central America. Currently, Stephanie collaborates on architectural projects with Fivedot and The Pomegranate Center, where she works with local communities in and around Seattle to design and build meaningful public spaces.
Stephanie is a licensed architect in the state of Washington.

Education: Masters of Architecture: University of Washington, Bachelor of Science in Architecture: University of Virginia


Our Philiosphy:

We work closely with our clients to give form to their dreams. While we bring our sense of space, scale and texture to each project, we believe that each project has its own voice. Sustainability is woven throughout our approach and is considered from the beginning of each project. As a firm with deep roots in the building trades, we understand that cost is an important factor in every project and we work with our clients to match expectations to budgets. As part of our commitment to public interest design, we donate 10% of our annual working hours to design for non-profit organizations.

Our History:

Fivedot began as two firms, Fivedot design/build and The Global Studio. Fivedot design/build was founded with the idea of marrying the art of architecture with the craft of building. We built what we designed and worked on site as well as in the office. That time spent in the field has informed our design process and given us a window into how buildings come together that is often lacking in the design field. The Global Studio was our sister company dedicated to providing design services to disadvantaged communities at home and abroad. With projects across the globe, The Global Studio earned recognition for showing that design has the ability to empower communities and help those who need it most.

In 2016, Sharon Khosla joined the team and Fivedot design/build and The Global Studio joined to become Fivedot to provide comprehensive design services to communities, nonprofit organizations and private entities. With projects ranging from custom homes to collaborations with non-governmental agencies, we are defined by our belief that good design matters for all. With an emphasis on modern, simple and natural spaces, we strive to provide high quality design and service to both individuals and organizations.


Collaborators past and present:

Mathew Sullivan (The Global Studio and Integrus)

Ashley Waldron (The Global Studio and Dovetail Construction)

Court Harris (CH2MHill)

Christopher Perrodin

David Witte

Alice Or