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ICHS Dental Clinic

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International Community Health Services is an organization founded in 1973 to provide high quality health care for all. Fivedot is assisting ICHS in expanding their dental program by outfitting an unbuilt space above their current dental clinic in shoreline. The new clinic will have abundant natural light from large north facing windows. Polished concrete floors and exposed structure contrast with softer wood finishes for a pleasant space for both patients and staff.

 The new expansion will house 9 dental operatories, a lab, a sterilization room, and offices. This project involves close coordination between the design, construction and client team in order to minimize disruption to the functioning clinic spaces below. Working on a very tight schedule, Fivedot and its contracting partner will deliver design and construction services in under a year. (2018-2019)

Contractor: Abbot Construction

Electrical Engineer: TFWB

Mechancial Engineer: Metrix

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