Kiwanis Methow Park Kiosko

Community Engagement Design

Community Park Kiosko

A central gathering space and cultural anchor.

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As part of their commitment to “put a quality park within a 10-minute walk of five million people who currently lack access by creating new parks or transforming underutilized parks in the communities of greatest need and by activating local and national partnerships.”, the Trust for Public Land worked with the city of Wenatchee to revitalize Kiwanis Methow Park in Wenatchee WA. Building on the deep community engagement that TPL had begun, we worked with Site workshop to understand the deep history, desires and needs of the predominantly Latino community in South Wenatchee. We worked with Site Workshop to design a kiosko to anchor the new park and provide a visual point of cultural identity for the community. The deep overhangs shade casual gatherings during the week while the graceful steel arches frame mariachi performances in the evening.

Landscape Architect: Site Workshop

Structural Engineer: SSF

Photography: Stuart Isset, Fivedot and Site Workshop

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