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San Juan Island Library Feasibility

A new home for the San Juan Island Library.

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In 2019, San Juan Island Library hired our team to help analyze three parcels they had identified as a potential site for their new library. Working closely with our partners at Allied 8 we developed a specific matrix of criteria that allowed us to compare and contrast the sites to one another and share that information with the public in a palatable format. In very short order we had to assess local County and Town land use policy, comprehensive plans for the Town of Friday Harbor, utility infrastructure, shoreline management, what it means to build on an island, public perception, community engagement, easements, construction cost, historic districts, critical areas, right of way improvements, reuse of existing structures, sustainability, design potential for a civic building, archaeological artifacts, SEPA and the Department of Ecology regulations.  

Once a site had been selected, we proceeded to the preliminary planning stage of the project. We worked with the library district to produce a schematic site and building plan. The city is using these visioning documents for fundraising and advocacy work to realize their dream of a new library for their community.

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