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Fivedot has been helping nonprofit organizations achieve better outcomes and increase their impact for over 15 years. We assist nonprofits, NGOs and municipalities with planning, community engagement as well as facility and infrastructure design. Our work is mission focused, culture specific and community based.

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We believe in the power of architecture for positive change. Fivedot has been providing innovative and community focused architectural solutions to municipalities and global non profits since 2006. With extensive experience in community engagement, we specialize in helping businesses, governments and non-government organizations work with their communities to create spaces that make lasting impacts.

Non-Profit Architecture Projects

ICHS Dental Clinic

Shoreline, WA

Village Planning and Design

Matagalpa Department, Nicaragua


Nairobi, Kenya

Capacity Building

Central America

"As a non-profit, they have actively stood by our side as we negotiate fundraising challenges and budget cuts, always willing to think creatively on how to create the best possible community center with our limited resources. We are so thankful to Five Dot and would recommend them to anyone looking to partner on a community project."

—Sara b. casino road initiative—


Comprehensive Planing

When projects involve multiple phases, it is important to create a comprehensive plan that can guide the organization and its beneficiaries through the long journey ahead. A properly prepared master plan, often coupled with an early success project, can  show a community and an organization what is to come and begin to engender a sense of ownership over the process.


Facility Design

Non Profits often have unique requirements when it comes to their facilities and strive to maximize their impact while minimizing their costs.  Fivedot has helped organizations leverage their capital projects to support and enhance their mission.


Constructability Review

When serving vulnerable populations that may not have a high degree of resiliency, the pressure for a project to succeed is high. We have worked with organizations around the world to analyze their projects to ensure that they were feasible within the confines of the building environment.


Capacity Development

Fivedot has assisted non profit organizations to research best practices, study their impact and grow their capacity around  the built environment and infrastructure.

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