September 2015

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phased village development

While our plans and the rendering below show the full development of La Benedicion, there are many steps between then and now.  To help visualize the process of growth, we created a three phased development plan that starts with lot division, basic health block construction and play fields.  The play field location plants a seed in the collective memory of the village, connecting the space to a feeling of gathering and communion. 

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Village Layout: orientation and proximity

From Option A, we continued to develop and refine the design using more precise dimensioning and site data.  The village is split into two areas because the community preferred to have larger lots per house (Option A) instead of keeping all the lots clustered into one area (Option B).  In the site analysis, we saw that the steep slopes and agriculture infrastructure restricted the layout growth in Area A.  In response we placed the additional lots along the existing road to the west, creating Area B.   Don’t worry though—it’s only a five minute walk between the two areas.

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Village Layout: User based design

For the village layout of this project, we pulled strongly from the exercises and input we received on site in El Ojoche (now named La Benedicion.)  As we’re sure you read in the previous post the community had differing opinions on the relationship between civic buildings and their placement in the village layout.  There were also differences between the men and women in the proportion of the lot sizes.