RBAC: Food Hub/Growth Center 

Rainier Beach Action Coalition (RBAC) is a place-based, Black-led non-profit rooted in stewarding the Rainier Beach Neighborhood Plan in Seattle, Washington. Their work and programs promote food justice, quality education, economic development, public safety, affordable transportation, affordable housing, and building community capacity in Seattle’s Rainier Beach neighborhood. They’ve had a historical presence in the community for nearly 2 decades.  

The organization is in a unique moment of growth. They have an exciting community project underway for their new Food Hub Innovation Center in an existing 2 story building located in the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr. Way and S Fairbanks Street. It’s a site that is easily accessible to the community and is directly across the street from the Rainier Beach light rail station. 

The goal of the space is to create access to healthy food, provide education programs, support local BIPOC farmers, and serve as the office space for the organization. 

The building will be a hub of activity! Every Saturday, at this location, RBAC hosts a farmers' market- sharing free healthy food from local farmers with community members in need. The newly renovated building will also have a food storage facility and teaching kitchen to support the mission of sharing healthy food. Upstairs, the building will house community gathering spaces, classrooms, offices, and soundproof rooms for podcast and music recording.  

Fivedot has been collaborating with RBAC and the MOD Squad (a group of young community leaders in their organization) since 2022 on the design and planning of their new space.   

The project includes:  

  • Renovation of existing building to support the Growth Center/Food Hub. 

  • ADA infrastructure.  

  • New restrooms and a shower.  

  • New office space, lighting, and finishes.  

  • New informal and formal meeting spaces 

  • A mural on the exterior of the building and street art.  

We’re excited to share that construction is underway. Stay tuned for project updates. 


Owner: Rainier Beach Action Coalition 

Contractor: Abbott 

Structural: KPFF  

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing: PAE 

Partner: Architects Without Borders 

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