The African Cultural Arts Center (A.C.A.C.) is a local non-profit organization in Seattle, Washington whose mission is to preserve and share the rich traditions from West-African Cultures. They are built on the 38 year of service that the ADEFUA Cultural Education Workshop has been providing at the heart of the Rainier Valley. They offer unique dance, music, and art programs to youth and children. In addition, the organization also hosts cultural gatherings and celebrations for the community.   

This past April, A.C.A.C. kicked off their capital campaign for their new center. The project site sits at the heart of Rainier Valley and has played a vital role in supporting the community. Within the African community this site has become a well-known for holding African events and lifting African and African American artists.  

Fivedot has been collaborating with the A.C.A.C. team to design a conceptual plan for their project. Together, we have been working closely to explore design options to create an inviting and functional space for the community and visitors. The new cultural arts center will serve as an anchor for the arts and cultural events, including performances, exhibitions, and workshops. 

The project includes: 

  • Renovation of existing home to support Art events, cultural shows, dance studio. 

  • Construction of a new space at sidewalk level. 

  • ADA infrastructure. 

  • Construction of a performance space. 

Through this collaboration, our goal is to design a space that not only reflects the community’s cultural identity but also inspires the people who will use it. It will be a place where people of all ages and backgrounds can come together and build community.  

We invite you to join us in supporting this exciting project by visiting

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