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Frequently asked questions about construction costs. UPDATED

cost of design

Note: Since we originally put this together, the market in Seattle has only continued to get more competitive and prices are reflecting that. We have updated some of our base cost assumptions below to reflect what we are seeing in the office at the moment. 

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Open Source Architecture? What’s that?

We’ve recently being seeing quite a lot of mention of the idea of “open-source” architecture, and thought maybe it was worth a little exploration.  It seems to be a topic that defies clear explanation but it also seemed to us to be a good opportunity to talk a little bit about what architects do.

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Design Advice: Small Bathroom Renovations: Things to consider

Seattle is not a city known for its large bathrooms. Many of our clients with older houses have bathrooms that range from small to tiny. Some of these are guest baths, but often they are the main or only bath in the house, meaning they have to serve the whole family including adults, kids and visitors. It can be a challenge to make a small space work for so many different functions.

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Roots & Wings Computer Lab

The Global Studio is working with Roots & Wings International to assist with the visualization of a new computer training center in the village of Pasac, Guatemala. Roots & Wings is currently working on securing funding for a new building which will house a computer resource lab and local offices.

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SIDAREC set to begin construction!

After months and months of waiting, the day we've been building toward is here.

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SIDAREC Community Youth Technology Center Schematic Design

After two trips to Kenya and many late nights following, The Global Studio has completed the schematic design for SIDAREC's new Mukuru community resource center.