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Pre Approved DADU for

Seattle WA

A simple, modern, two bedroom DADU.

Pre approved for permiting in the city of Seattle!


This family friendly, 1000sqft, two bedroom, low cost DADU can provide housing for a family of four or more, allowing for more housing options within our growing city. By providing a simple rectangular form, we maximize the efficiency of the space, minimize the space/envelope ratio and create an easy to build home. This design can easily be mirrored or rotated to work on a variety of sites and is easily adaptable to sloping sites as well. The compact footprint and roof height allow the design to be utilized on sites of 30' and greater width.


This design is part of the City of Seattle’s Pre Approved Plans for Accessory Dwelling Units. The city created this program to reduce some of the barriers that homeowners face when building a DADU. From the city’s literature:

“Homeowners choosing a pre-approved DADU plan will benefit from a simple and streamlined permitting process and reduced permit fees. DADUs are typically reviewed for compliance with development standards in the Land Use Code, energy efficiency standards in the Energy Code, safety and seismic standards in the Residential (Building) Code, and standards for drainage, stormwater, utility connections, and plumbing. The pre-approval process involves City review of the DADU structure for compliance with the Land Use, Residential, and Energy Codes. When using a pre-approved plan, applicants receive an expedited appointment to apply for the permit and submit plans. Permitting staff at the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections (SDCI) then check that the standard plan matches the one on file with the Department and review for site-specific factors, including compliance with zoning standards, foundation and utility design, and drainage. “

How does this work:

Get in touch with us and we will send you a form to fill out with information we will need to go forward.  We will discuss how you want to proceed and what level of service you want.

Minimum – Licensed plan only. You or another party would be responsible for preparing the site plan and applying for the permit. We require a release of liability for this level of service.

Basic – We will site the building and prepare the required documentation for the permit submittal. Additional foundation design may be required for some sites.

Full – Additional documentation. We will provide interior elevations, fixture and finish schedules and a lighting plan for your use.

How much does this cost:

Minimum - $1,000 License Fee

Basic - $1,000 License Fee plus $4,000 - $6,500 for permit documentation

Full - $1,000 for License Fee plus $4,000 - $6,500 for permit documentation plus $3,000 for additional documentation.

Modifications: Generaly not allowed.


Check out the FAQ below or contact us!


Q: Can I change the design?

A: With some exceptions, no. In general, changes to a pre-approved DADU’s structural features are not possible. Exterior materials and finishes can be changed provided there is no effect on insulation and other Energy Code requirements. Purely aesthetic characteristics like paint color or interior finishes can be customized to your preferences. Mirroring the floor plan is also allowed provided there are no changes to structural elements.

We can also design a custom DADU specifically tailored to your needs. This will have to go through the full plan review process in most cases.


What if I want something different?

Then you are looking for a custom design. We have done custom DADU's as primary residences, guest cottages and mother-in-law units. Get in touch and lets chat about your project.


Q: What if I want to do the site plan myself?

You certainly can. If you decide you would rather do the site plan and permitting yourself, we require you to sign a release of liability before releasing the plan.


Q:: Will this design fit on my lot?

A: Send us your address and we will do a preliminary check to see if this design will work for you. The major things to watch out for are lot width and lot coverage. This design requires a minimum lot width of 40’. Lot coverage is a rule that says your lot cannot have more than 35% of it covered by buildings and in some cases decks. There are a lot of caveats to that rule so if in doubt, send us the address and we will check. Note that for the minimum level of service, this will be the only check we will do and we cannot guarantee that the design will fit on your site as we will not be doing in depth zoning analysis.

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