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Greenlake Residence

A sustainable single family home in the Greenlake neighborhood of Seattle.

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This custom home was designed to pay homage to an orchard that used to cover the area north of Greenlake in the early 1900’s and the remaining heritage trees that remained in the rear yard. The house consists of a series of stacked volumes that create indoor/outdoor spaces with their overhangs and intersections.

The front of the house is screened from the busy street by three large water cisterns that collect all the rainwater falling on the roofs and bring it back into the house for use. These tanks create an entry courtyard and provide sound insolation from the street noise. The house has large windows for passive cooling and daylighting which also serve to reinforce the inside-outside connection. Sustainable materials are used throughout the home and reclaimed elements provide a contrasting texture to the polished concrete floors on the inside.

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