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Seattle backyard COTTAGE Design

Central Area Backyard Cottage

A backyard cottage as primary dwelling - and urban oasis

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This home is an L shaped plan that creates a courtyard accessible from both the living area and the bedroom. Large sliding glass doors allow the living area to ‘steal’ the outside and appear much larger than it actually is. The home is designed to be on one level, both for aging in place needs as well as to allow us to have higher ceilings which create a more spacious feel. As the entry is from the alley, we created an entry courtyard to extend and soften the entry sequence. The garage serves as object implying the edge of the courtyard and creating an outdoor room as well as providing space for outdoor gear and the other parts of life that don’t fit into 800 sqft.

Contractor: Hanson Construction

Photographer: Mark Woods

Contractor : Hanson Construction
Structural engineer: Equilibira
Photos: Mark Woods and Fivedot
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