Planning and Community Engagement

Mariner Neighborhood Community Center

A new community campus for the mariner community.

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Recognizing an underserved neighborhood near Everett, WA, Sno-Isle Libraries opened the Mariner Library in February 2017 in a storefront as a demonstration project. Since the doors opened, more than 80,000 people have visited the community library.

Based on this strong community response, Sno-Isle Libraries formed a consortium of public and private partners to plan for a community campus. Strongly committed to listening to the community, the Mariner Neighborhood engaged The Pomegranate Center and Fivedot help engage the community in a series of meetings designed to establish community priorities for what should be included in the campus and where it should be.

Still in the earliest stages of planning, we are helping the client connect with their community, understand their priorities, and use that information to make decisions about the future of their facility that truly reflect the communities needs.

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