Architecture, Consulting and Public interest design



Our roots as a design build firm inform our designs and we strive to make beautiful, well crafted and buildable spaces. Our projects include public buildings, offices, custom homes, remodels, backyard cottages, exterior spaces and furniture.

  • Residential architecture
  • Civic and Commercial architecture
  • Feasibility studies
  • Visioning

For a detailed description of the residential design process, see our process FAQ.

For some frequently asked questions on residential cost, see our cost FAQ.



We work with NGOs and private organizations to help them leverage the built environment to further their mission. Our work has included capacity development, hands on training, facilitation and policy development. We help those who do good do it better.

  • Planning services
  • Training 
  • Capacity Development
  • Design Studies and documentation


Public Interest Design

We believe in the power of design as a force for change. We work to empower disadvantaged communities at home and around the world through participatory, people centered design. Working closely with communities, non governmental organizations, and private entities, we strive to empower communities and provide sustainable and practical solutions for those who need them most. 

  • Community Facilitation
  • Community design charrettes
  • Advocacy
  • Connection Building 
  • NGO design services