Village Growth

After the phased development thinking, we believed it would be interesting to speculate on how the village might grow.  With the Agros land development model, land is purchased and living space is set aside with the assumption that everyone in the village will be farming.  At some point further into the future, there will be enough density and chance happenings to combine together for other occupations to develop.  How might that growth look?  What direction might the community decide is best for their long term development?  And more importantly, is there anything that we should think about and improve upon for the next project?

We looked at three different yet plausible futures for La Benedicion.

Growth models assume a double in population over 30 years with an approximate 3% annual growth rate.

Village Growth Scenarios Village Growth Scenarios


Street Build Out

Expanding into a full street build out assumes that the community places a high emphasis on maintaining their personal yards space.  From the housing exercises, it can be assumed that the yard space will grow fruit trees, flowers and chickens.  After their private latrines are filled, the villagers might pull their resources together to start building wastewater plumbing connecting into buried septic tanks.  Additional sheltered space in each lot can accommodate growing families and storefront space to sell goods.  During harvesting season, the new spaces may be rented out to accommodate workers.

Street Build Out Street Build Out


Village Bridge

Bridging across the two village areas assumes that a maturing generation is looking to create their own houses and lots.  The new homes and shops may follow along the road connecting both areas, creating a potential corridor of commercial activity.  With growth invested over greater area, the initial village lots may change little over time after small additions are made to the basic health block.   During harvesting season, the additional spaces may be rented out to accommodate workers.

Village Bridge Village Bridge


Civic and Commercial Core

Additional lot division from population growth assumes both housing additions and new detached home construction on each lot.  Keeping the second and third generations on the same lot may allow for increased commercial diversity and specialization.  A greater concentration of people may act as a catalyst for shops to develop across the major intersections and gathering spaces.  The new investment and growth could help further develop and refine the civic area with additional landscaping, hardscaping, and a central fountain or bandstand.

Civic and Commercial Core Civic and Commercial Core
Thinking about 30 years in the future is difficult for most people but it is especially hard if you have never had the opportunity or security  to plan even five years ahead. We hope that these investigations will encourage discussions and reinforce a sense of stability for the new community.

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