Site Analysis

Site analysis allows the architect to look for design opportunities and understand what concerns to address when developing a project.

By researching our site’s climate, we begin to observe some defining characteristics of its specific location.   In Nicaragua, the sun stays high up in sky year around, moving from a southern tilt in the winter to a northern tilt in summer.  The weather stays consistently warm, with an average high of 32 degrees Celsius and an average low of 22 degrees Celsius.  The wind also remains fairly consistent, averaging 4.56 m/s year around.  Rain defines the region’s seasonal change, coming in heavily from May to October and creating a hot and humid tropical climate.

A closer look at the specifics of our site helps us understand where our development sits in relation to existing conditions.  Defining the village border are steep slopes to the south and northwest, agricultural infrastructure to the north, and a potentially seasonal swamp area to the west.  A prevailing wind from the northwest provides an opportunity for cross ventilation and could help inform how each basic health block sits on the site.

There will be more to come on how we use the site analysis for the master plan and BHB.  Stay tuned!

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