Phased Village Development

While our plans and the rendering below show the full development of La Benedicion, there are many steps between then and now.  To help visualize the process of growth, we created a three phased development plan that starts with lot division, basic health block construction and play fields.  The play field location plants a seed in the collective memory of the village, connecting the space to a feeling of gathering and communion.

La Benedicion fully developed La Benedicion fully developed
Full village development phasing Full village development phasing

Phase 1

What we’re trying to avoid is having the central lots turn into a convenient place for additional agriculture infrastructure like a chicken coop.  In the short term, why not?  But if we’re thinking in long term growth, a less centralized location would slow the development of a strong singular identity.  Incremental growth depends on an investment in place and a stable source of income.  The Agros farming model for crop planting and growth helps with the confidence gained from a stable income.  The Global Studio village master plan helps with the connections gained from investment in place.


Phase 2


The second stage of development includes private latrines, a health post, community center, roads and a preschool.  One to five years in, we are expecting the community latrines to be filled to capacity and the community members to start building their own latrines.  The health post and community center will initially be sheltered from existing structures.  Agros does a lot of good work in providing health care and personal development to the community.  From guided exercise and discussion moderation, the community members learn how to work through conflicts that arise both within the family and within the village.  After ten years, when Agros pulls away from the location, the La Benedicion community will be its own self governing entity.  Therefore, while not ideal from a planning point of view, it’s important for the village to have a community center to gather within, even though it’s out from the center.

Phase 3

In phase three, we assume a much larger amount of growth.  The preschool from phase two has been converted into a new community center, the preschool will move to the existing structure behind it, and two new school buildings have been made to house a growing number of children.  At this point, we hope the BHB’s have filled out and are now starting to see new additions.  Our tree plantings will have had time to grow up and become more substantial, helping to reinforce the windbreak wall on the east side.

Civic Phasing

Below is a more nuanced understanding of the civic area’s growth and how it may look when fully developed.

Fully developed civic plan Fully developed civic plan

Full Civic Development Full Civic Development
Civic Phase 1 Civic Phase 1
Civic Phase 2 and Phase 3.1 of village development Civic Phase 2 and Phase 3.1 of village development
Civic Phase 3 and Phase 3.2 of village development Civic Phase 3 and Phase 3.2 of village development

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