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Christopher Perrodin is the latest addition to The Global Studio roster. Over the next couple of months, Chris is going to be helping us out on the new Agros village master plans and also driving the blog for a while. Here he is introducing us to the project....

 A project’s success is often helped by thoughtfully identifying and breaking down the main drivers for the design.  By parsing and packaging the initial areas of development, we then have a solid foundation upon which to tackle project complexities.  For our approach to the two new villages, El Ojoche and Aguas Vivas, we have three initial design elements –the Basic Health Block, Site Analysis, and Master Plan.  Each aspect helps to inform the design thinking of the others.

The Basic Health Block (BHB) comprises the primary component of the pre-development in a new Argos village.  Our proposal balances survey input from the potential villagers, climatic design strategies, and our own research into basic preventative health measures.  The design places emphasis on the absolute first needs of the villagers, understanding that constructing second tier priorities either come later from Agros or the home owners.

The Site Analysis informs both the BHB and the Master Plan.  Researching the rainfall, temperature, sun angle and prevailing winds help decide housing orientation, location, and drainage requirements for the site.  Our diagramming allows for comprehensive comparison between the different climatic factors of the site.

The Master Plan has to take into consideration the physical and environmental properties of the site while simultaneously incorporating the community needs.  Without careful site planning, the heavy rains and steep slopes could create dangerous conditions for the built elements.  Without thoughtful building arrangements, the community members might feel isolated from each other and unfairly located.  It is important for the health of the community that all villagers feel like they are treated equally.

A more in depth discussion of each aspect of the project to come over the next few weeks!  Stay tuned!

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